Transportation & Infrastructure

Between 2016-2022, Amherst's greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fell 19%, putting a significant dent in our community's second-largest chunk of emissions.

Transportation in Amherst

Envisioning New Ways to Get Around Town

In Amherst, we walk, bike, drive, carpool, and take public transit. U.S. Census data shows us that Amherst residents' dominant means of commuting is driving alone, the dirtiest (GHG-heaviest) means of travel. 

We envision a zero-emissions transportation future, one where we drive electric but also drive less, opting for alternative transportation. We're already on our way: Amherst's percentage of commuters who drive alone to work (42%) is more than 19% lower than the statewide Massachusetts average (61.5%).

Electric Vehicles

Locate EV Charging Stations Near You

Amherst is committed to making transitioning to an EV as accessible as possible for everyone. To that end, the Town plans to enhance and expand local EV infrastructure to support our community's transition away from traditional combustion engine vehicles.

The Town of Amherst currently offers multiple public EV charging stations for a total of 14 charging ports at the following locations:

  • Town Hall
  • Downtown parking garage (2 chargers)
  • Anne Whalen apartment complex
  • Pray St. parking lot
  • Amherst-Pelham Regional Middle School

Use the map to find additional charging locations in our area →  

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority operates 186 buses, 132 vans, and has 24 member communities. It's the largest regional transit authority in MA

Alternative Transportation

Take Advantage of Top-Notch Transit

To support safe, accessible, and low-carbon transportation in town, Amherst plans to continue developing a robust system that supports convenient and enjoyable alternatives to driving alone by car. For that reason, our community is fortunate to be a member of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, both an excellent service provider and Town partner.

Taking public transit instead of driving, whether it be by bus or train, is a great way to start cutting down the transportation emissions you produce from driving a gas-powered car.

What You Can Do

Traveling Sustainably is Safe, Affordable, and Easy

Between Electric Vehicles and Public Transit, traveling sustainably is a breeze. Here are some resources to get you started!

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Two woman getting off public bus